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This document provides instructions for configuring the Network Connect SSL VPN client for Windows to access the Juniper Pulse SSL Gateway. Please see Network Connect VPN Client for more information about the Network Connect VPN software.

{{#if: A valid University NetID is required to access Rutgers VPN services. Please visit http://netid.rutgers.edu for more information about how to obtain a Rutgers NetID. |
A valid University NetID is required to access Rutgers VPN services. Please visit http://netid.rutgers.edu for more information about how to obtain a Rutgers NetID.
| Note Note: }}

The Network Connect Client for Windows provides remote access to private Rutgers University resources from Personal Computers running Microsoft Windows. The client uses SSL WebVPN protocols to provide secure, remote access to Rutgers University affiliates.

There are two ways to install this client software. The simplest way for most users is to use the Java-based installer downloaded and executed directly from the SSL Gateway. Installation packages for Windows 32-bit and 64-bit systems are available for download from the Rutgers software portal for those who cannot use the Java-based installer.

The SSL gateway also supports a WebVPN proxy mode for those that cannot use the Network Connect Client. See Junos Pulse WebVPN Client for more information.

Obtaining the Network Connect client for Windows (Java Installer)

The Network Connect client may be installed and run on your Windows system directly from the Juniper Pulse SSL gateway. This method requires a current version of Java, which may not be supported in all environments.

  1. Enter https://ssl-vpn.rutgers.edu in a web browser and enter your NetID and password where prompted
  2. Your browser will attempt to launch the Java-based setup applet. Select the 'Run" button in the applet.
  3. The Java installer will download the Network Connect setup executable and ask to run it. Select the "Yes" or "Always" button, as preferred.
  4. Network Connect will open a status panel (Basic view) showing the connecting status. The application will continue to run in the background when this window is closed.

Your computer is now a part of the Rutgers University data network. All data traffic to and from your device will be relayed via the VPN server.

Obtaining the Network Connect client for Windows (Software portal)

For those who prefer not to use the Java-based installer, the Network Connect VPN client for Windows installer is available as a downloadable application from the Rutgers Software Portal. To obtain the installer package, log into the Rutgers Software Portal with a valid NetID and password. The software is available under publisher Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, as Juniper VPN.

Download the Windows 64-bit or 32-bit package as appropriate for your system, and execute the installer. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the installation

Configuration for NON Admin Users

In addition to the Network Connect 32 or 64 bit installer, please download and execute the Juniper MSI package from software.rutgers.edu. The Juniper MSI package is intended for customers with administrative rights to the computer. The administrator would need to use their software deployment system or manually install the software. The Windows 32 or 64 bit Network Connect executable would also need to be loaded on the PC to allow VPN access.

Configuring the Network Connect client for Windows

The Network Connect client must be configured upon its first launch when installed from the Rutgers Software Portal. Network Connect must be configured with the Rutgers VPN Sign-in page, a valid Rutgers NetID and a password. Follow the steps below to configure the client software with a Rutgers user account:

  1. Launch the Network Connect Client
  2. Enter https://ssl-vpn.rutgers.edu into the "Sign-in Page" text box
  3. Enter your NetID and password where prompted
  4. Leave the Realm as "default"
  5. Click the "Sign in" button

The Network Connect client software is now configured for use. The client will remember the Sign-in Page URL the next time it is run.

Managing the Network Connect client

The Network Connect client displays a task tray icon while running. You may view connection statistics, traffic counters and to control the Network Connect client by right-clicking on the tray icon. Select Basic mode to see statistics, timers IP address and encryption information, and to access the Sign Out button. Please see Network Connect VPN Client for more information on Advanced mode.

Disconnecting the Network Connect client from the VPN server

Maintaining a VPN connection means all your networking will be routed through Rutgers which may cause delays and additional unnecessary network traffic. After you have completed your secure activity, you may wish to disconnect your device from the VPN service.

  1. Right-click on the Network Connect client's task tray icon and then select Basic Mode from the popup menu.
  2. Click on the "Sign Out" button, indicated by the icon with the "Disconnect" tool tip

Your VPN client is now disconnected. Traffic to and from your computer will no longer be relayed through the Rutgers VPN server.